About Us

Prior to founding U.S. Tour Golf, Ray Dumont manufactured and custom designed apparel and equipment for the boxing and martial arts industry -- he partnered with one of the largest martial arts franchises. Over time, Dumont developed an expertise in leather goods, becoming well-known in the industry.

That expertise in leather goods is exactly what brought Dumont into the golf industry -- eight years into his martial arts business, a major golf company asked Dumont to manufacture leather yardage book holders... and U.S. Tour Golf was born.

Ray started working the professional caddy circuit with his leather yardage book holders. Soon, he was supplying all of the pro caddies and he received the endorsement of both professional caddy associations: the PCA and the
PTCA (the tour caddies for the PGA).

After Ray's success with the caddies, he sold off the martial arts manufacturing business to focus on the golf industry. U.S. Tour Golf started manufacturing shoe bags, golf bags, shirts, hats, and other golf apparel and accessories. Ray scoured the world to find the best materials for golfing purposes. He combines those materials with his own designs to create some of the most popular items among sports industry professionals today.

Today, more than 25 sports professionals and celebrities proudly wear and use U.S. Tour Golf products, including pro golfers like Hunter Haas, Mike Sullivan and Jim Chancey; football stars like Jim McMahon and Brett Favre;
and baseball superstars such as Wade Boggs, Gary Carter and Willie Wilson. In fact, many well-known sports figures have sought out Ray to ask for U.S. Tour Golf products.

U.S. Tour Golf has designed clothing lines for several sports figures and is currently designing a proprietary clothing line for Jim McMahon. The company designs apparel and gear for more than 30 professional and charity golf tournaments each year.

U.S. Tour Golf is a true American brand, making the highest quality products for golfers and athletes of every level.